Uzuri Pease-Greene

Class of 2017

I am a mother of 8 and grandmother of 13.  I have seen and done many things in my time and so am well-seasoned professionally, community, and street wise.  I have been a strong advocate for those that could not advocate for themselves and is also a strong team player.   I have always said that in order to change something you sometimes have to do it from the inside.   Now I work in my community and the focus of my work is to build community.  I have helped to start a nonprofit that is residen- driven and resident-focused.  I have sat at the table with the Mayor of San Francisco, Police Chief Greg Suhr, Chief Tony Chaplin and now Chief Scott in the African American Advisory Committee. I am also on Captain Raj Vaswani from the Bayview station’s Community Police Advisory Board, as well as other supervisors and people of power.   The one thing that I hold dear is that I am able to echo the voice of the community to whomever is supposed to hear it.  I am not afraid to speak up but speak up in the right way and at the right time which is very important.  I am definitely not a yes woman.

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