Tricia Robbins Kasson

Class of 2017

Tricia, a Certified Urban Planner, has worked in local government for six years, and presently staffs L. A. City Councilmember Bob Blumenfield. A committed Democrat, Tricia attended her first Political Rally at 17, for Presidential Candidate Michael Dukakis, and has voted in every election since. Having an unquenchable desire to understand how our current civic and social climate developed, and a natural inclination for problem-solving civic problems, Tricia was drawn to a career in Urban Planning after two others. Discovering her aptitude for public policy, Tricia’s devotion to improving the quality of life in Los Angeles is born from her lower-middle class upbringing in the San Fernando Valley. Her appreciation of the beautiful diversity of Los Angeles’ residents was gained through friendships formed during her education in LAUSD schools, and exploration and enjoyment of Los Angeles’ mingled yet culturally-distinct neighborhoods. After time in the private sector, Tricia realized a return to public service was the best way to serve her community.  A long-time resident of Los Angeles, Tricia currently resides there with her husband Andrew. A former professional cook and personal chef, Tricia continues to enjoy employing the bounty of her garden in the kitchen, which Andrew enjoys eating.

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