Tanene Allison

Class of 2003

Tanene Allison is a political and communications strategist, new media innovator, and poet. She most recently worked on launching a start-up focused on diversifying and creatively fueling the national discourse, before putting that project on hold to focus on turning Texas Blue. Previously Tanene has worked at Brave New Films, Think MTV, and at a variety of other social justice outlets. 
She began her political career by holding public office while living in a homeless shelter as a teenager. She earned her BA at San Francisco State while working at non-profits, engaging in grassroots organizing and serving in local government. A fan of the alliteration of “homeless to Harvard,” Tanene then went on to attend Harvard’s Kennedy School of Government for her Masters in Public Policy. While at Harvard, she focused on negotiation, political leadership and communications.
Tanene presently works in Democratic politics in Texas. She believes that the electoral outcomes from the state don't match the communities that actually make up Texas. She cares about democracy, and so isn't cool with that disalignment. Texas is a diverse and progressive state, and Tanene's goal is to get that reality reflected in our electoral outcomes and in the stories told about Texas.
Previously, Tanene led a start-up focused on diversifying the public discourse, worked as the communications director at the Texas Democratic Party, as the political director at Brave New Films, as an NOI Fellow focused on organizing progressive groups and media around healthcare reform, at a civil rights law firm, and at MTV. She regularly writes on the Huffington Post and has published on RH Reality Check, the Ms. Magazine blog, Role/Reboot and the Harvard Law Civil Rights, Civil Liberties Journal. She’s also a poet, wishes she were a better guitar player, and strongly believes that creative culture, diversity, and inclusion of all of our rights is the recipe for a good life and a better future for Texas and our country. 

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