Sheryl Lane

Class of 2017

Sheryl Lane is a native of Richmond California. She is passionate about engaging communities and constituents on public policy issues that impact their lives and working with them to develop ideas and solutions that result in a positive change and better opportunities for accessing financial security and prosperity, quality education and safer neighborhoods.
She is the Director of Public Policy and Partnerships at EARN and manages EARN’s efforts to increase prosperity for low-to-moderate income households through a nationwide network of partners who can provide EARN’s savings products to their clients. She led an effort to advance a bill in the state legislature AB 1809 which would modernize the CalWORKs program and allow California’s poorest families to save and not lose critical financial assistance. She launched EARN’s policy ambassador program and trained EARN clients to become active in advocacy. Prior to joining EARN, she was the Campaign Coordinator for the Richmond Equitable Development Initiative (REDI) at Urban Habitat. Prior to Urban Habitat, she was an aide for San Jose Mayor Ron Gonzales.
Sheryl has served on the City of Richmond’s Planning Commission for seven years and as Chair of the Commission for four of those years.

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