Sarah Ismail

Class of 2017

Sarah Ismail is a former UC Berkeley lecturer and current public health professional with eight years of global health and development experience and five years of teaching and curriculum development experience. She is a proud and practicing Muslim who wears hijab and fights for women’s rights. Sarah is a long-time resident of Santa Clara and Alameda counties; she was born in Santa Clara to first-generation Egyptian immigrants and attended elementary and high school in Santa Clara and San Jose, and middle school in Egypt. At UC Berkeley, she double majored in Public Health and Molecular Environmental Biology, with a minor in Forestry. After graduation, she worked in Egypt for one year for an international nonprofit. She returned to Santa Clara where she worked for the US Census Bureau, volunteered with refugees and served as an Arabic-English interpreter before getting her Masters in Public Health in Maternal and Child Health from UC Berkeley. Sarah has lectured over 1,000 students at UC Berkeley and has worked for international health and development organizations. Sarah is a yoga instructor trained in teaching youth and those with trauma. She loves to be in nature, participate in drop-in improv, and has traveled to 25+ countries.

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