Natalie Kaye Arazi

Class of 2016
Region 2

The call to serve runs deeply in the fabric of my DNA. On one side, I come from a big military family and have direct descendants who served in every major American war from the American Revolution to Vietnam. On the other side, I am a first generation American whose family was forced to leave Egypt during the Suez Canal dispute for being Jewish. After wandering as refugees for two years, they finally were granted asylum in the U.S. when my father was 12.
All of this informs who I am. After graduating with honors from UCLA, I found my way in to a non-profit career where I have raised millions of dollars for research, programs, and scholarships. In late 2013, I decided to run in my first election after becoming frustrated with the inaction of our local council. I won, and now serve 55,000 constituents as VP of the Lake Balboa Neighborhood Council – a deceptively quaint name for an official adjunct body of the LA City Government. I’ve brought together disparate factions for substantive action, have taken a strong leadership role, and launched several ambitious, successful initiatives. I combine an idealist’s vision with a pragmatist’s strategy to achieve results.

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