Katy Janes

Class of 2017

Katy Janes is a scientist in an environmental nonprofit in the Sierra Nevada Foothills of California that uses citizen engagement at the heart of its work in watershed restoration in an effort to link water, science and people for the benefit of human and environmental health.  Katy is passionate about learning how systems work and applying that understanding to solving problems through a collaborative and interdisciplinary approach. Being a native Californian, she is acutely aware of water issues and is passionate about advancing sustainable management and conservation of California’s water while understanding the importance to mitigate multiple party perspectives and requirements within the community.  

In her position as Watershed Coordinator, she develops and manages projects that 1) institutionalize multi-watershed collaboration including myriad voices of private landowners, community members, businesses, government entities, and universities; 2) build bi-partisan partnerships with science-based management plans and solutions; and 3) catalyze community participation through a citizen-scientist model. Importantly, this work encompasses the idea that creating a community of “citizen scientists” who understand the value of local stewardship and monitoring is critical to the contribution to a larger body of knowledge and empowers these community members to make informed decisions. She is excited to translate this work into the political arena, creating a bridge of progressive and inclusive values across the aisle and representing a rural voice in the discussion.

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