Emerge California Advisory Council

The mission of the Advisory Council is to be an active and proactive body, raising the consciousness of the critical need to support the advancement of women in political leadership, advising Emerge California leadership offering its financial support, experience, expertise and energy to Emerge California and the extended Emerge California communities.

Interested in joining the Advisory Council? Email advisorycouncil@emergeca.org

Roberta Achtenberg
Alexandra Acker Lyons
Teresa Alvarado
Lori Andrus
Elmy Bermejo
Maureen Blanc
Kofi Bonner
Shelley Bradford Bell
Clementine Clarke
Elizabeth Colton
Quinn Delaney
Andrea Dew Steele
Catherine Dodd
Mary Hughes
Vincent Jones
Dorka Keehn
Carol King
Noelle Leca
Pamela Majteles
Stacy Mason
Hon. Holly Mitchell
Nadine North
Teri Olle
Hon. Darren Parker
Deb Parsons
Michelle Patterson
Amy Pearl
Liliana Perez
Hon. Joy Picus
Shefali Razdan Duggal
Heidi Shink
Eileen Stern
Kavita Tankha
Susie Tompkins Buell
Sue Wollack
Dr. Sophia Yen

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